EvacMate Saves Lives and improves the delivery of Aged-Care Services while reducing costs, risks and liability.

EvacMate is based on an innovative cloud and smartphone solution platform that allows the rapid deployment of new functionality to solve emerging problems and new regulatory requirements.

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A revolutionary simple traffic light solution using sensors to clearly indicate whether a room is cleared or requires attention from first responders.

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EvacMate CareTracker saves time, money and improves the quality of care to your residents by tracking how staff perform their tasks.

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Safety Lighting

Proven during power failures to illuminate all of your common areas and keep your residents and staff safe for the entire power outage.

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Fire and Evacuation

How it works

EvacMate uses sensors which are wirelessly attached to the wall outside each room, to create a low powered, reliable, cost effective communications network. While the technology is sophisticated, the result is a simple traffic light solution. During an evacuation staff simply tap a sensor to indicate whether a room is cleared or not cleared.

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Emergency evacuation benefits

  • Proven to save time which will ensure lives are saved during an emergency.

  • A worlds first system that replaces panic and confusion with calmness and clarity.

  • Saves money and improves communications by eliminating the need for two-way radios during an emergency.

  • Real-time feed of data to chief wardens, management and emergency services on any device.

  • EvacMate assists with the Australian Aged Care Framework and is an audit tool complete with accurate online training records and customised reporting.

  • Lights tested for visibility through 4 meters of smoke.


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With the EvacMate sensor communication network in place, new features and functionality can easily and cost effectively be included, for example, the EvacMate CareTracker (ECT) system.

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How it works

The ECT enhances the efficiency of care delivery to residents, mitigates risk of a service delivery failure and alerts key supervisory staff when a failure has occurred. This functionality is delivered via a portable mobile application that links all care delivery tasks to a cloud platform, from which supervisors can create reports and alerts.

  • Paper based reporting replaced with real time data collection of resident’s care.

  • Better allocation of funds, training and resources through trend detection and advanced analytics.

  • Reduction of time spent on dealing with complaint management through real-time reporting.

  • Staff performance can be reviewed, and key performers identified with task completion rates.

  • Reduces risk and liability by ensuring task and maintenance responsibilities are met.

Safety Lighting

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Improved visibility


When your facility has a power failure, turn the safety lighting feature on using the EvacMate sensors. Ensure your staff and clients can continue to safely use your facilities.

  • Eliminates the need for generators, saving thousands in your budget

  • Easily exceeds safety lighting minimium requirements of 90 minutes

  • Proven to last unto 12 hours, keeping your residents & staff safe from harm

  • Minimises business interruptions during a power outage

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